Grants Manager

LeAnne Garcia has assisted multiple investigative teams in submitting more than 1,000 grant applications to federal, state, private, and internal funding agencies during her 15 years working in research communications. Funded applications include bench science, human subject studies, clinical trials, multi-site cooperative agreements, career development grants, and services provision agreements. Her professional background is in medical writing, editing, and grant administration. She previously taught English and journalism in public schools, and education remains a continuing passion. She holds a master’s degree in Library Science from Texas Woman’s University (2009) with an emphasis in academic libraries and information services. She returned to school in early 2020 to begin studies in public health at The University Health Science Center in Houston, completing a certificate in public health in 2022. One of her interests is how interpersonal and community relationships affect mental and physical health, and she is working to bring together her interests and skills to support programs that benefit youth.